Terms of use

The application IPTV Smarters Player is delivered without any content. In addition, no content is provided from the application even after activating it on our website. The information displayed at the beginning includes the MAC address as well as the website so that clients can activate the application once for life. The IPTV Smarters Player app has a free trial period once installed on your smart TV to test the features of the app. The MAC address and the URL are essential for the proper functioning of the application. IPTV Smarters Player does not provide any content or subscription. The content and subscriptions provided under the IPTV Smarters Player app name are frauds. IPTV Smarters Player disclaims any responsibility for the use of fraudulent content. The application IPTV Smarters Player or it is entitled can not be held as responsible for the quality or interruptions of the content used on IPTV Smarters Player , IPTV Smarters Player only provides a media player. The application IPTV Smarters Player does not provide any advertising for content providers or subscriptions and reserves the right to sue anyone who uses our name or logo for advertising purposes.

After accepting the above conditions, no refund will be granted under any circumstances.

Note: If you are using a stolen card, your mac will be banned and its IP address will be reported.

IPTV Smarters Player is owned and operated by XUI Service, LLC which reserves the right to restrict access to the app change its pricing and modify the terms of use at any time without the consent of its user. It is the user’s responsibility to stay up to date with the terms.

Free Trial Period

Our IPTV Smarters Player comes with a free trial period to allow customers to experience the features and benefits before making a commitment. The free trial period is provided to ensure that our customers can make an informed decision about their purchase.

Refund Policy

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency, we would like to clarify our refund policy regarding products/services that include a free trial period. Once the free trial period has ended and the customer has opted to continue with the full version, no refunds will be issued.

Shipping Policy

Our product is a digital good and you will get access to the product and the features after the payment.Sometimes the payment can be approved during an hour, and if the app is not activated please exit and enter again. If the app is not activated anyway please fill in the Contact Us form providing the required info.

Duplicated Payments

In the event that the amount of the credit card is deducted more than once, please contact us directly and provide us the last 4 digts of the credit card that you used to pay through it and the Mac address apparently applied applaction on your TV screen.