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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Issues

If you have paid for the application, please retain your invoice. Occasionally, there may be issues with the payment process, and the device may not activate automatically.
If you encounter this problem, please provide us with the following information:
* The last four digits of the credit card used for payment and payment date.
* A copy of the payment confirmation from your bank account.
* The application MAC address.

If the application is not activated within five minutes after completing the payment process, please restart your TV screen.

If paying with a credit card does not work, please try using the Stripe method. Stripe accepts all types of cards as well and accept GooglePay and ApplePay.,

We don't accept payments via PayPal,Crypto

The payment is a one-time fee for the lifetime activation of a single TV device.

Playlist Issues

Please check the playlist link in a PC browser to ensure it works correctly. If the playlist has been downloaded, it should function with our app.

Be aware that playlist URLs might have limitations, such as device or country restrictions, which can cause them to malfunction, freeze, or display errors.

We do not provide any assistance with playlist issues. For support, you need to contact your playlist provider.

If you encounter an error stating “Playlist with this URL already exists,” it means you have already added that playlist. Refresh the TV app to locate it.

If you receive errors such as “Invalid account,” “Playlist is not active,” “Incorrect username or password,” “Playlist is disabled,” “Playlist is expired,” or “Sorry, there was an error loading the player,” this indicates an issue with your playlist or that it may have expired.
Errors like “Error loading (channels / movies / series)” or “No (channels / movies / series) found” suggest there is a problem with the content of your playlist.
We cannot control these issues and kindly ask you to contact your playlist/IPTV provider for further assistance.

Please note, we do not offer playlists or provide information on how to obtain them. Our service solely provides a media player, and we do not take responsibility for the uploaded content.

MAC Address

Each TV has 2 MAC addresses(WIFI/LAN) and if you change your connection type it will be changed automatically.If MAC is changed anyway please send your new MAC address with the old one and payment invoice so that we can reactivate it.Otherwise, we can't do anything without this information.

EPG Issues

Our Media Player does not support EPG links separately, if your provider has it integrated into the playlist, then it will work.

Subtitles / Audio tracks issue

Smart TVs have certain formats for subtitles/audio tracks that they support. If the formats differ from the ones you will not have a subtitles/audio tracks option.